Steps In Getting Married In Australia

The first thing you need to do is fill out a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). Download the NOIM form by clicking on this link. You need to satisfy your celebrant that you and your partner are who you say you are. The evidence I'll need from you is: 1. Evidence of your place and date of birth and evidence of your identity. You can use your passport for this, if you have one, or you can provide your driver’s licence and birth certificate). 2. If one or both of you were before married, evidence of your divorce or death of a previous partner. If you have been married more than once, then you only need to provide evidence of the most recent divorce or the death of your most recent partner. WHAT IF I WANT TO GET MARRIED BEFORE THE MONTH IS DUE? If there are extenuating circumstances that mean you need to get married within a month of your celebrant receiving your NOIM, you can apply to a prescribed authority to see if it will approve a shortening of the notice time. There are only five circumstances that can lead to a shortening of time. No other circumstances are able to be considered by the prescribed authority. And there is no guarantee that any application for a shortening of time will be successful. The five categories of circumstances set out in the Regulations are: 1. Employment-related, or other travel commitments 2. Wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations 3. Medical reasons 4. Legal proceedings, and 5. Error in giving notice. The Prescribed Authority will consider and assess the information provided in support of your application and may seek more information.

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